Designed by Louis Aloys Risse, the Grand Concourse was constructed between 1894-1909. This world famous thoroughfare was built during the height of the City Beautiful movement; it was modeled on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. 800 Grand Concourse is situated within the heart of the Grand Concourse historic district. This large modern style apartment house, designed by Hyman I. Feldman in 1953, was constructed in the garden apartment tradition with an H-shaped plan featuring two large courtyards on Grand Concourse and Concourse Village West. Manhatta Archutecture, P.C. renovated Apartment #1-NN which faces the east courtyard.



Thursday, February 21, 2013

Construction-Wallparper Install

The original design of our apartment was transitional with both art deco and modern design influences. In the case of the wallpaper, we opted to go with Art Deco patterns from Bradbury & Bradbury. The living room pattern is "Volute-Platinum". The bedroom pattern is "Stardust-Midnight". The "Stardust" pattern was stenciled from motifs found in the now demolished "Cloud Club" at the top of New York's spectacular Chrysler Building. The wallpaper was installed by Bond Professional Wallcovering, Bronx, NY.

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